This is
				me, Rob!

Rob de Wit

Utrecht, the Netherlands

About me

I like working with data and tech to help people solve problems. Although I am comfortable with the "harder" aspects of data engineering and data science, I firmly believe that tech shouldn't be self-serving. What I like doing best is connecting with people, sharing knowledge, and discovering how data can help improve life and work.

Friends and colleagues describe me as ambitious, decisive, and result-oriented. The question I like to ask most is "Why?" and the answer I would rather not hear is "Because we have always done it this way."

I have a business informatics background and experience in data analytics and engineering. Most recently, I worked as a developer advocate at Iterative, where I got to learn a lot about MLOps. I really liked that my work there heavily involved community outreach and facilitating learning experiences: speaking at conferences, hosting workshops, writing technical guides, and helping construct an online course.

✳️ Open to work

I am on the lookout for the next step in my career, preferably remote as a freelancer or contractor. Please get in touch if you've got an exciting opportunity!

Public speaking

Lately I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak at several events:

Blog posts

I like to share some of the stuff I learned through blog posts. Here's a list of what I've written thus far:


Outside of work I love trekking through nature and sleeping in a tent. When not travelling, I really enjoy organising stuff. Perhaps you might know me from one of the events I have organised in the past: